Prices Corner, Wilmington
710 Greenbank Road, Wilmington, DE 19808
Phone: 302-994-2582
Fax: 302-994-5151

People's Plaza, Glasgow
Building 1200, Suite 1260, Newark, DE 19702
Phone: 302-834-7700
Fax: 302-834-5325

Who should I call if I have a dental emergency outside of your office hours?
Your dentist. One of our dentists is always on call, even if your doctor is away. The dentists' home phone numbers are listed in the white pages of the Delaware phone directory. If you call the office, your call can be forwarded to you dentist at home.

When should I first bring my child to the dentist?
We like to see children by their third birthday. Their first visit will include time with both a hygienist and one of our dentists who will count their teeth and begin a relationship which will last for years to come.

Is it a problem if my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?
Yes. Healthy gums should not bleed when brushed or flossed. Bleeding gums are the first sign of gingivitis (gum inflammation) which is the beginning of periodontal disease.

What should I do if I knock out a tooth?
Pick the tooth up gently by the crown without touching the root of the tooth. The tooth should then be placed back in the socket as far as it will go. If you are not able to replace the tooth in the mouth then store in glass of milk. Then immediately notify your dentist so the tooth can be splinted back into its proper position.

How does your office sterilize dental instruments?
We use the same sterilization techniques that hospitals use.

What payment options are available to me?
In an effort to keep dental costs down while maintaining a high level of professional care, we have established the following payment plans for the use of our patients. Fees may be paid as follows:

1. Prepayment or payment at time of treatment. A 5% discount will be given for payment of fees exceeding $200. (The discount does not apply to hygienist fees)

2. Payment of balance in full at time of visit with either cash, a personal check, or your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card.

3. Alternative financing is available through Care Credit (90-days, same as cash). We help you fill out all the necessary paperwork right in our office!

All major treatment and treatment involving a laboratory procedure will require an appropriate down payment.

Will you accept my dental insurance plan?
Kirkwood Dental Associates will submit claims to all dental plans which allow their participants "freedom of choice." We submit claims electronically when possible. You will be responsible for any portion of the fee which is not covered by your insurance. Please see our payment options above.


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